I find myself entering into bliss this week due the accumulation of a grueling schedule I know only exists in Mexico. Eighteen weeks have been spent in work with only TWO days from Monday-Friday being days off thanks to “Day of the Dead” and “All Saints Day”. No half term holidays, no bank holidays that […]

Cooperative Learning within Sports Education

Cooperative learning was something that I only had ever seen in an well established primary school visit when I was a student teacher, it was amazing to see the students read a book together cooperatively with the task sheet of asking the group questions to stimulate discussion and make predictions.  3 years later I still […]

Authentic Physical Fitness Unit

Creating authentic and meaningful physical fitness units is something that has challenged PE teachers for decades, everyone with own ideas and tweaks of what works and what does not work.  My objective for this unit was to: – Challenge pupil knowledge on physical and health related fitness – Expose pupils to real world jobs (Physical […]

International Activities

Our penultimate unit I chose to plan and implement “international activties”.  Being an international school, we need to include and expose pupils to international sports they may not have experienced before.  For a Mexican school we decided to teach the activities of badminton (U.K), modified hockey (U.K/Canada), ultimate frisbee (U.S.A) and baseball (U.S.A).  Thankfully my […]

Movement Composition

“Movement Composition” was my revised model of teaching control of our bodies through gymnastics.  Our unit involved focusing on: -The flow of the sequences -The use of space -The control of our body We taught these through the activites of; gymnastics (4 classes and 2 for assessment task), parkour (2 classes), capoiera (2 classes), dance […]

Team Sports MYP (6-9)

I was excited about teaching this bimester as one of the main reasons I wanted the new format (whole year group have PE at the same time) of PE classes to happen was so there was an easy option to arrange a friendly tournament. The original plan was to have 2 weeks of 4 different […]

Bearing the Fruits of Positive Student Relationships

“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.” (Plato) At my school, I have no muse or ‘turn to’ person when I feel that I’m overwhelmed with all the responsibility of planning new curriculums for around 850 pupils. Therefore, I’ve become […]