I find myself entering into bliss this week due the accumulation of a grueling schedule I know only exists in Mexico. Eighteen weeks have been spent in work with only TWO days from Monday-Friday being days off thanks to “Day of the Dead” and “All Saints Day”.

No half term holidays, no bank holidays that are plentiful in the U.K.

It has been a slog.

My new position this school year is P.E leader. Fortunately, I still have the time to teach, so I am not disconnected with what happens in the classes, albeit 45% of a full teacher schedule. I have 7 teachers needing support in how to plan units as well as improve their practices of their class. Most have flourished and saw me as someone who challenges them into being a better teacher, and some others have saw me as an obstacle due them enjoying the laidback regime with little accountability before.

Furthermore, I don’t believe in a perfect lesson, but I believe in bloody good lessons. Lessons were the class leave and you have joy in your heart that you’ve completed all four of the elements below. Those feelings of joy and pride are what drive me as an educator.

When I go round to observe my other teachers I have high expectations of them. I want to see:

  • Students engaged
  • Short, succinct explanations
  • Challenging activities (physical, social and/or mental)
  • Enjoyment

Have my flourishing teachers been able to fulfill these expectations? No. Have my flourishing teachers worked hard to improve on these? Absolutely! Thanks to the book “Turn the Ship Around” by L. David Marquet, I have consistently led through a leader-leader approach, by trying to empower the teachers to be self sufficient and have the courage to take their own decisions. Due to this, I have saw some of my teachers demonstrate excellent ideas on how to improve their students, some of which I have personally reminded myself for future classes.

Moreover, this week I had presented a proposal (2 options) to the principal and vice principal in order to change the organisation of our department. My direct leader, the sports director, was also there and spoke highly of my organisation and knowledge in how to implement the IB program at our school. Both of these options were welcomed by the principals, to which they will consider which one they will take.

In conclusion, I am entering bliss at the moment as I have only 3 more days of work until I can rest well and enjoy the holiday period. I have truly strived to improve the department in my school and have been acknowledged by my superiors that I am achieving this.

Happy holidays everyone!


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